Automotive One of the UK’s fastest growing logistics companies, Acumen Automotive Logistics provides specialist services to the UK Automobile Logistics sector. The...> MORE
two Acumen Logistics car transporters parked next to each other with Range Rovers on one and Jaguars on the other.
Distribution With industries requiring ever reducing lead times, increasing timed deliveries and tight schedules necessitates that we continually strive to understand,...> MORE
side view of an Acumen Logistics distribution lorry driving down a country side road
Enclosed Vehicle Transport Acumen’s Enclosed Car Transport division combines a modern fleet of purpose-built, enclosed car transporters with a team of highly experienced managers...> MORE
low angle shot of an Acumen Logistics covered car transporter.
Emergency Freight As part of our extensive range of services to the Logistics industry, Acumen works with manufacturers to supply time-critical emergency freight. We...> MORE
view of an airplane being loaded up with vehicles for emergency freight
Why Covered Car Transporters Are Revolutionising Classic Car Transport Some vehicles are more than just a way to get from A to B. Thousands of enthusiasts from across the UK collect vintage and antique cars and nothing is more...> MORE
one of acumen enclosed car transporters with it's side open and 2 cars loaded on the lorry for covered car transport.
Acumen Enclosed Fleet Expansion Acumen Automotive Logistics has added two more DAF LF covered car transporters to its fleet of 20 enclosed car transporters. One of the new trucks will be...> MORE
side view of a large number of new Acumen Logistics lorries all lined up in a slight curve
Acumen updates it's fleet with the Mercedes Actros 1842 Acumen Distribution Ltd has taken delivery of 25 new Mercedes Benz Actros 1842LS tractor units as part of its on-going investment strategy and expansion plans,...> MORE

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